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How to find a therapist who can see you where you are in California or around the world?  In English or Spanish.  And who is familiar with diverse perspectives and experiences, including being inclusive and affirming of intersectional identities?   You are looking for someone who is caring and understanding, and who has the ability, professional training, and experience to know how to help you with your problems. Someone you can like, respect and trust, and who likes, respects, and trusts you as well.

It takes courage to ask for help. When you are feeling pain, discomfort, discouragement, uncertainty, loss, or shame, it can be hard to see your way out. Just as we have hopes and fears of life in general, it's natural that we have hopes and fears about therapy. If you have not been in therapy before, you may wonder how it works, what you are looking for, or even whether therapy is right for you. If you have had previous experience in therapy, you may worry that it might be or not be like it was before. Because I am familiar with a wide range of conditions and situations, it's very likely that I can help you. You can count on me to guide and support you to face and overcome problems from a place of courage.

We will work together as a team, you and I.

In addition to working with adults of all ages, I specialize in working with diverse populations, including:

Juanita Dimas, Ph.D.


With 25 years as a licensed psychologist in California, offering online psychotherapy since 2016, I have experienced a wide range of issues and settings. Because no two people are the same, I will tailor the therapy to meet your specific needs and interests.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression or any other issue, I will help you recognize underlying problems, and optimize your strengths to create a different, healthier way defined by you.

Juanita Dimas, PhD from Zencare on Vimeo.

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