Latinos and BIPOC

Culture is our strength, from which we can find healing and well-being.

Latinos, whether from the U.S, Latin America, or living elsewhere, often prefer a therapist who knows your language(s), and is familiar with your culture and social contexts.

People of Color (POC), as a broad and inclusive term, encompasses individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who have historically faced discrimination and systemic inequalities due to their race or ethnicity, and can be found in various regions of the world.

Culture has the ability to heal, nurture, and enrich our lives in various aspects. Through its transformative power, engaging in cultural activities can contribute to our emotional, mental, and social well-being.

Historically, Latinos and other People of Color have faced unique challenges in accessing mental health services and receiving culturally sensitive care.  Seeking therapy can involve navigating cultural dynamics, addressing intergenerational trauma, and dealing with the impact of racism and discrimination on mental well-being. Culturally competent therapy, which acknowledges and incorporates cultural backgrounds, values, and experiences, is crucial in providing effective mental health support to Latinos and other People of Color in order to promote your strengths, including that of culture.

Liberation Psychology can be used in psychotherapy as a framework for addressing the social and political factors that contribute to psychological distress and oppression. (click link for more information)