Do you offer an initial consultation session free of charge?

Yes, I am happy to talk with you by phone to answer some of your questions and tell you a bit about how I work.  In fact, I encourage people to “shop around” – to talk to two or three therapists to see with whom you feel most comfortable, because feeling comfortable (at ease) with your therapist is extremely important.  As shopping around can be expensive, I do not charge for the initial consultation.  You can then later decide if you would like to schedule an appointment.

What happens in the first session?

When we meet for the first time, we’ll mainly focus on what you came in for and how I can provide it for you.  Following my legal and ethical codes in the U.S., I also have some forms for you to read, fill out, and sign. You can download them ahead of time, print, sign and bring to your first session (If we are meeting online, I will send instructions on how to securely and confidentially upload them to me.).  When we meet, we’ll go over some important points from the forms.

How long are sessions and how frequently do we meet?

Typically, sessions are 50 minutes long and once a week.  There are times and circumstances where we may decide to meet more or less frequently depending on various factors.

How long will it take?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them, and the length of time therapy can take to accomplish your goals depends on many factors.  The first couple of sessions will include a comprehensive evaluation of your situation, and from there we can have a very transparent conversation about your motivations and goals, and how to accomplish these and how long it might take.

Does therapy work?

There is convincing body of evidence that most people who see a psychologist are far better off than individuals with emotional difficulties who are untreated.

Feel free to contact me so that I can answer any more questions you may have.